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History of our Preschool:

Little Lambs Preschool was part of the vision of more than a few members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. In 2001 after some informal discussions, these visionaries realized there may be significance to their ideas and a feasibility committee was formed. Five people were part of this ground breaking committee to study the real possibility of having a preschool on-site at a separate building next to our church.

On the day we went to ask our church's properties committee permission for space to begin a preschool, was also the day the visionaries of Mount Rainier Lutheran High School , now known as Concordia Christian Academy, asked for space to begin the high school on our church property. God was at work for both schools! By allowing the high school to use the space first, necessary changes to the main room were funded and made by the high school, for which we are very grateful.

Preschool Grand Opening September 11th, 2005  Preschool Grand Opening Audience

The three years Mount Rainier Lutheran High School met on the property gave us time to prepare for the best preschool possible. We began with fundraiser's and a long wish list of items to fill the classrooms. God's timing is perfect!

At the beginning of September, 2005, we opened our doors to students for the first time. On September 11, 2005, we dedicated the preschool to our Lord and Savior with a Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony (pictured above). Our first year, we offered one class for three year olds on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We had six students and felt blessed to have them! Enrollments began to increase based on word of mouth.

In 2008, our fourth year, we offered a three day program to older three year olds and young fours; still focusing on young students to compliment the then running program at Concordia Lutheran School, now known as Concordia Christian Academy. The year went well and we considered the two classes we offered a success.

For our fifth year (2009) we were able to split our one class completely as we grew from eight students in September to seventeen students in February and offer a Monday, Wednesday, Friday program for older threes and young fours, and a Tuesday and Thursday class for three year olds. Feeling that God was still guiding us at our preschool, we were offering classes at separate times for the school year. For the next seven years we ran two separate classes.


In 2015, we received our National Lutheran School Accreditation (NLSA). We would like to thank everyone for your prayers, kind wishes, moral support, and work put into this endeavor!

For the 2015-2016 school year we added a second teacher to teach the T/TH class. We continued this format for the 2016-2017 school year. Our new teacher was well trained and loved and it was sad to see her leave our school.  However, this gave us an opportunity to walk through a door God opened for us; hiring a teacher whose passion is with the two year old age group. With wanting to honor her skills, while listening to parents suggestions, we began our "Twosday Tuesday" class in the fall of 2017. During that same summer we offered our first summer camp classes for 3-5 year olds.  In the fall of 2017 we also went back to our T/TH and T/W/TH format for students to help make it easier for families who had a two year old and a three or four year old coming to our school.

NEW PROGRAMS: We are now offering Summer Camp 2 days/week spread out June through August. We have also added our "Twosday Tuesdays" class one day/week during the school year for those who are 2 years old by September 1. Our preschool has also added our "Further Fridays" option for those parents looking for more of a Jr. Kindergarten program as it runs 4 days/week. In addition, we have added time to our preschool class offerings, except the 2 year old program, and run our classes for 3 hours each morning.

With our fourteenth year (2018-2019) registrations in full swing, we offer praise to the Lord for our success in providing the local community with a quality preschool. We have grown stronger each year with the knowledge that this mission of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church benefits from God's blessing.

With the addition of this expanding website, our Open Enrollment Policy, NEW Outstanding Quality Programs and continued positive support from the local community, we are attracting new attention to Little Lambs Preschool with programs that we believe are simply the best in Tacoma!

Please come talk with our teachers and check our safe & secure facilities!

You are welcome to visit us anytime. Please Call (253)473-4848.

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Please come join us and become part of the history of our Accredited
Little Lambs Preschool at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!              



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"I highly recommend Little Lambs Preschool as it was an investment in laying the foundation for a successful future."
- K. Vasel -

"Little Lambs Preschool is such an amazing place to take your children to learn, play, and grow. Class sizes are small... they move at the pace of the children, not the curriculum... teachers genuinely care about the kids..."
- K. Apple -

"My son ended up liking school thanks to the patience of the teacher... All staff are knowledge- able, caring, have a good attitude, giving, and are very involved with the kid's education... The school is a very positive environment."
- J. Zanabria -

"My Daughter was here for the 2016-2017 school year & she absolutely LOVED IT! ...really a nice place to send your little ones... Great Experience!"
- Mel -

" have taught me to understand and show more patience...It is refreshing to see teachers who show true love for their job and the students they have. I can't thank you all enough...Thank you for a wonderful year!"
- Natalie Bannister -

"The overall experience our child received this year was very good, positive, happy, helpful and developing...
- Liliya Linder -

"... our son has learned so much, grown so much, and loved it so much.  We can't thank you enough!  You have made a difference in our lives."
- Jenni Boran -

"Little Lambs has been an incredible home for our daughter. It is really exciting to watch her personal growth as she learns more and develops relationships with the other children and Staff."

"The Teachers are amazing and genuinely care for our children."

"Our Daughter loves her school days and is always really excited to come home and show us everything she has learned that day."
- Nichole Zeiler -

"The knowledge, patience, understanding and caring of Mrs. Huset, the preschool director, and the assistant teachers, Mrs. Tanner and Mrs. Long, made for an environment in which our son has thrived."

"The program is incredibly affordable, the space is bright, cheerful, CLEAN, and full of love and warmth."

"We were so happy to find that the school teaches our son what we believe to be the most important things in life: love, respect, caring, appreciation, patience, kindness..."
- Jenni B -

Full Reviews are available on our Testimonials page where you may write one of your own.

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