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Preschool FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)



Q. Are you Accredited and what is your adult to child ratio?
A. Yes! We are Accredited by the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation (NLSA) Program. Our class size is limited to 14 children allowing an outstanding 1 to 7, teacher to student ratio.  There is a minimum of one teacher and one assistant per class.

Q. What education does your teacher have?
A. Our teacher has a B.S. degree and an A.A.S. degree in early childhood education.

Q. Are you handicap accessible?
A. No, as there are outside stairs to go down to get to our classrooms and we do walk up stairs to go outside to our playground.

Q. Do you also provide daycare?
A. No. We do however have a new "Twosday Tuesday" Toddler Class every Tuesday from 8:45-10:45 am for children at least 22 months old. Also, we may have a few contacts who may be willing to do some daycare. Please speak with our staff.

Q. May I come and visit the classrooms?
A. Yes, but it is a good idea to phone first for an appointment so the director/teacher knows to expect you. You may visit anytime the preschool is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm when the director is available.  Our phone number is (253) 473-4848.

Morning visits during class time are welcome with the understanding that the director/teacher is not as available to answer questions until the class session is over.

Q. What date do I need to register by, for the school year?
A. That is really up to you! We offer open enrollment on a first come, first served basis with paid registration for the next school year that starts in September. If you are looking to register your child during the current school year, it is possible if your child’s age is in compliance with our age requirement. If we have room, your paid registration and current month’s tuition will allow your child to begin.

Q. Do we need to be a church member or attendee to enroll our child?
A. No.  You do not need to be a church member or church attendee.  We have open enrollment and serve the entire local community.

Q. Our child will be 3 years old in November. Can we enroll him before then when classes start in September?
A. Your child must turn;

  • age three before September 1st to be enrolled in the 2 day class. 
  • age four before January 15th to be in the 3 day class. 

Q. Do you offer any discounts?
A. Yes, we offer various seasonal discounts!  Click our Online Payments Info button for a list of current discounts.

Q. What forms must be in before the first day of school?
A. There are several requirements:

  • A signed Registration/Health Information Form for each child, detailing any special health problems. Click HERE to download form. 
  • A copy of required state immunizations. 
  • Payment of annual non-refundable registration fee. 
  • Also, monthly tuition is due by the first class day of every month. 

Q. Do you provide any transportation?
A. No. Transportation to and from our school must be provided by the parent. Our Safety Policy requires that parents sign their children in and out with a full signature. Children will be escorted into the classroom about five to ten minutes before the session begins (no earlier, please).

Q. What Holidays are you closed?
A. Our Class Calendar including Holidays and School Closure Policy is listed on our Calendar & Info Page.

Q. My child is ill today and won't be able to attend. Can I notify you on the net or by email?
A. PLEASE CALL THE SCHOOL A.S.A.P. @ 253-473-4848. We do not monitor emails or this website during the school day.

Q. It's snowing heavily outside. How do I know if the school will be open for classes?
A. Here is our School Closure Policy: In case of bad weather, follow the Tacoma School District closures that are announced on the radio for full day closures.  If schools are two hours late, we will meet one hour late.  Classes missed because of bad weather will be made up after two days are missed per class. 

Q. Can I pay Tuition or make a Donation with a Credit Card?
A. YES! You can pay your Annual or Monthly Tuition, Annual Registration Fee and/or make a Donation with a Credit Card using PayPal is Fast, Free and Secure. This is a great way to fit your Monthly Tuition into your budget!

Q. What is "Further Fridays" and which class can attend?
A. "Further Fridays" is a school extension day (Friday) for those attending Preschool Class 2 only. There is an additional charge for attending.

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"I highly recommend Little Lambs Preschool as it was an investment in laying the foundation for a successful future."
- K. Vasel -

"Little Lambs Preschool is such an amazing place to take your children to learn, play, and grow. Class sizes are small... they move at the pace of the children, not the curriculum... teachers genuinely care about the kids..."
- K. Apple -

"My son ended up liking school thanks to the patience of the teacher... All staff are knowledge- able, caring, have a good attitude, giving, and are very involved with the kid's education... The school is a very positive environment."
- J. Zanabria -

"My Daughter was here for the 2016-2017 school year & she absolutely LOVED IT! ...really a nice place to send your little ones... Great Experience!"
- Mel -

" have taught me to understand and show more patience...It is refreshing to see teachers who show true love for their job and the students they have. I can't thank you all enough...Thank you for a wonderful year!"
- Natalie Bannister -

"The overall experience our child received this year was very good, positive, happy, helpful and developing...
- Liliya Linder -

"... our son has learned so much, grown so much, and loved it so much.  We can't thank you enough!  You have made a difference in our lives."
- Jenni Boran -

"Little Lambs has been an incredible home for our daughter. It is really exciting to watch her personal growth as she learns more and develops relationships with the other children and Staff."

"The Teachers are amazing and genuinely care for our children."

"Our Daughter loves her school days and is always really excited to come home and show us everything she has learned that day."
- Nichole Zeiler -

"The knowledge, patience, understanding and caring of Mrs. Huset, the preschool director, and the assistant teachers, Mrs. Tanner and Mrs. Long, made for an environment in which our son has thrived."

"The program is incredibly affordable, the space is bright, cheerful, CLEAN, and full of love and warmth."

"We were so happy to find that the school teaches our son what we believe to be the most important things in life: love, respect, caring, appreciation, patience, kindness..."
- Jenni B -

Full Reviews are available on our Testimonials page where you may write one of your own.

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